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Aquarium Designs
Reef Ready Aquarium Design and Display has been servicing all of Northwest and North central Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri for over six years. We at Reef Ready strive to provide unparalleled customer service and provide a product that will be enjoyed by all. We donít simply setup and maintain aquariums, we bring a truly unique and exotic environment into your home or office. An aquarium should be something you enjoy and otherís are intrigued by. When done correctly, aquariums can accent an already beautiful surrounding, or they can be the center piece of conversation. We encourage people to get the largest aquarium possible so that their experience will be more enjoyable, but any aquarium size can bring the beauty of the tropics to your finger tips.

Reef Ready specializes in saltwater reef aquariums, but we will setup and service any type of aquarium or water feature. We provide a full line of aquarium products and services at rates competitive to those found on the internet . Our products also include custom aquariums that are built specifically to your specifications. Installations often include the highest level of automation so that you can always enjoy your aquarium. Automations typically include reverse osmosis auto top-off, calcium reactors, timed light fixtures, and automate feeders. In some instance we are also able to provide in house water change capabilities. We make every effort to make a saltwater aquarium an enjoyable and easy experience. The more automated and reliable an aquarium is, the more likely you and others will never get bored with it.

Aquarium Designs
Scott Nigemann, owner and operator of Reef Ready, has a Bachelor or Arts in Biology and has over 10 years experience in the aquarium hobby. Reef Ready is also bonded and insured to protect your interests and investment. We at Reef Ready take great pride in our work and customer base. If interested in setting up an aquarium we encourage new customers to speak with our existing customers, whom we are confident will sell you on our service and responsibility.
We believe the proper way to maintain a saltwater aquarium is through regular preventive maintenance. Depending on the size and livestock load of a tank in most instances service and water changes are done on a bi-monthly to monthly basis. Scheduled services typically include 20-30% water changes, water tests, filter cleaning, and removal of algae from glass. We generally monitor calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, phosphate, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and TDS.

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